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Balbardie No.2 pit

Alternative names:
Dovecot pit
Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
c.1940? . Shaft retained for ventilation and escape purposes for Easton pit until c.1972
Current status of site:
Balbardie Park of Peace
Regional overview:

A new shaft sunk close to Balbardie No.1 pit (Dovecot pit) in 1900. In the lands of Balbardie. It remained in production into the 1930's and the shaft continued to form an air course and emergency exit from Easton pit until its closure in 1973

  • Location map and boundary of the Balbardie lands.


    At Balbardie Colliery it is not expected that orders will show any great falling off, the company have something of monopoly with their gas coal and ironstone, for which orders are always freely given. At same colliery some extensive alterations have been going on during the year. At the Dovecot Pit a new shaft has been sunk close the present shaft, and the new frame has been erected. The present coal drawn from the Dovecot Pit is known the Balbardie and Jewel Coal, but when the new shaft is completed, it is expected that the lower seams will reached at a depth of 80 fathoms. A large chimney has also been erected in connection with operations at the Dovecot Pit, and other extensive improvements will shortly carried out.

    Linlithgowshire Gazette, 28th December 1900


    Sinking a New Pit at Bathgate,—The Balbardie Colliery Company, Limited, Bathgate, have made arrangements open the lower seams in the Balbardie jewel main coal pits. The new shaft will known No. 2 Pit, Balbardie, and when it is in full operation it is expected about 200 men will receive employment.

    Edinburgh Evening News, 9th April 1901



    On Tuesday Messrs W. Baird and Coy. Ltd, closed Balbardie Pit, until further orders for coal getting, and fully 200 miners and mine workers were thrown idle. Safety men will continue to keep the pit in condition, and certain development work. which has been going on for some time, will be continued. Thus, on short notice Balbardie Pit can be restarted. The reason for the temporary closing order is a lack of orders. As a matter of fact, for about a month prior to Tuesday's edict. all three pits in the Hopetoun Collieries — Balbardie, Easton, and Riddochhill pits have been working on short time, and it was to help keeping workers steadily employed at Easton and Riddochhill , after great consideration, decided to close Balbardie Pit, until trade revived. Messrs Baird and Coy. Ltd. own all the pits operating in Bathgate area, and employ around 700 men. Of these it is hoped that 500 will be kept in full employment. The temporary closing of Balbardie Pit has not come unexpetantly, although it is none the less regretted. Management and men hope that the stoppage will not be too prolonged, but. at the moment. hopes for an early start are not too bright.

    West Lothian Courier, 2nd May 1930