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Handaxwood unidentified pit 6

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian
post 1855
pre 1895

Pit or mine and quarry in the lands of Handaxwood to the Curdly Ironstone. Shown as a disused quarry and marked "old iron mine" on the 1855 OS map; perhaps worked by the Wilsontown Iron Co.

  • Location of pit, and boundary of the lands of Handaxwood


    Boy Drowned in Open-Cast – Narrow Escape of Two Others— A lamentable accident took place at an open-cast in a field near Handaxwood, Breich on Sunday afternoon whereby one boy drowned and his brother and companion narrowly escaped the same fate in their endeavours to save him Robert Tweedie, 15 years of age son of George Tweedie, farm servant Fala Mills Whitburn was bathing in the open-cast along with his brother and another lad. After swimming about for some time the last mentioned lads came out of the water and began dressing themselves. Tweedie however stayed in the water longer and swam twice across the open-cast; but on attempting the performance the third time he gave cry and sank. The two lads ran round to the where he was last seen and he came to the surface again his brother caught his hand. His companion laid of him but the unfortunate youth, in his struggles, pulled both of them into the water All three sank to the bottom, where they remained till the deceased relaxed his hold The two rose to the surface but the deceased was not seen again The body was recovered afterwards.

    Hamilton Advertiser, 2nd July 1887