Scottish shale Scottish shale

Boghead No.4 pit

Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Current status of site:
Returned to agriculture, with few traces of the pit remaining
Regional overview:
Mines in the Boghead coal

Pit in the Boghead estate, reaching the Boghead Gas Coal at 28 fathoms

Newspaper References

Pit Accident. —On Wednesday last, as a man named Edward M'Donald, a miner, was employed redding the sump in No. 4 Pit, Boghead, belonging to Messrs James Russel & Son, he heard a noise up the shaft, and he momentarily looked up, and stone struck him on the head above the left eye, and cut him severely, and knocked him down, and rendered him insensible for a short time. He is attended Dr Kirk from whom we learn his wounds are not dangerous.

Falkirk Herald, 26th September 1861