Scottish shale Scottish shale

Harthill No.1 ironstone pit

Shotts, Lanarkshire
Local authority:
North Lanarkshire
post 1855
pre 1895
Current status of site:
Large bings remains, largely free from vegetation

A major ironstone pit,employing over 200, in the lands of Harthill: also known as Balbackie pit. It was the scene of a major boiler explosion in 1879; a newspaper account provides a detailed description of the site.


MENACE REMOVED. The old Balbackie Pit shaft. which for many years has constituted a danger to children and a constant worry to parents in the village. is now being filled up. A squad of N.C.B. workmen have been on the job using material front the bing, which is tipped into the shaft by means of a belt conveyor.

West Lothian Courier, 24th July 1953