Scottish shale Scottish shale

Muldron No.7 pit

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian
post 1855
Current status of site:
Bing largely extant, with subsidence at site of shaft
Regional overview:

A pit in the lands of Muldron to the Curdly Ironstone at 27 fathoms

The 1886 List of Mines records Muldron No.7 pit as owned by Coltness Iron Co. Ltd, manager Robert Russel, working the Curley Ironstone by the longwall method, with a downcast shaft 12' x 5 ½' and 180' deep, and upcast 5 ½' x 3 ¾' and 215' deep. No.7, along with No.9 pit, were noted as "Stopped".

  • Location map and boundaries of the lands of Muldron