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Eastrigg (Craigrigg) No.3 pit

Alternative names:
Brigest pit, Craigrigg No.3 pit, Bridgehouse No.3 pit
Torphichen, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
c.1907 ?

A pit in the lands of Bridgecastle, sunk by the Eastrigg Coal Co. c.1900 and served by the company's mineral railway that also served Eastrigg No1, and Eastrigg No.2 pits.

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    APPLICATION FOR LEVEL CROSSING. The Clerk read a letter he had received from the Eastrigg Coal Company for power to put down a crossing near Bridgecastle Cottages, as the company intended to sink a new pit on the Bridgecastle estate. . The Chairman said the crossing was on the Armadale Road, and near to his gate. They were quite willing put the crossing either slanting or straight across the road. He thought it would much better to have it straight was ultimately agreed to grant permission the usual terms.

    Linlithgowshire Gazette, 14th December 1900


    I am again pleased learn that three feet seam of main coal was reached on Tuesday in No. 3 Pit, Eastrigg Colliery (Bridgehouse). which will shortly give employment to a considerable number of men. The coal of exceptionally fine quality for house coal, giving a brown ash, and will doubtless soon be great demand.

    Linlithgowshire Gazette, 23rd August 1907


    Drumpellier and Craigrigg Coal Company have decided to stop work at No. 3 Craigrigg Colliery. The workmen allotted - About 50 men and boys - are requested to make their arrangements accordingly.

    Midlothian Advertiser, 26th August 1921