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Hopetoun No.2 pit

Alternative names:
Hardhill No.2 pit, Hardhill No.1 pit
Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
pre 1855
pre 1895
Current status of site:
Housing - Mayfield Drive
Regional overview:
Mines in the Boghead coal

Pit in the Hopetoun (Ballencrieff) estate to the Armadale Slatyband Ironstone

Hardhill No.1 pit - This Name is given to a Coalpit on the Hopeton estate. out of which is taken Coal & Iron. The machinery is driven by steam of 17 horse power and the depth of shaft 61 fathoms. Its worked by Russell & Son Falkirk, and on the property Of the Earl of Hopetoun

OS Name Book


FOR SALE, At Pit No.2, Hopetoun Boghead Colliery,

20-INCH Cylinder PUMPING ENGINE, 16-Inch Cylinder GIG, with 2 Boilers and Mountings Pumping and Winding Connectons, Pithead Frame and Pulleys, for which James Ruseel as Son, Falkirk, will receive offers

Glasgow Herald, 29th February 1872