Scottish shale Scottish shale

Bridgehouse pit

Torphichen, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Current status of site:
Rough ground with traces of the soil heaps

A short-lived pit in the lands of Bridgehouse developed by the Lanrigg Coal Company. The pit seems to have been sunk in about 1889, and at the same time Bridgehouse Rows, some very rudimentary workers houses, were constructed. Work was also progressed on constructing a temporary haulage, intended to transport coal to Westfield station but perhaps never completed. After various conflict with the authorities, the mineral lease was terminated in 1893 and all equipment and property auctioned off.

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    WANTED Contractors to drive a lodgement -Apply A Fergueson, Bridgehouse Colliery by Bathgate. WANTED pony thirteen and half hands high good worker— Apply A Fergueson, Bridgehouse Colliery by Bathgate

    West Lothian Courier, 25th January 1890



    I have to refer you to.....the correspondence between Mr Burns, coalmaster, and myself, as to the manner in which he wishes to convey his hutches across the Bridgebouse and Muckraw roads. As his plan will be very unsatisfactory and not without danger, he should not be permitted to carry it out.........

    A letter was read from Mr Burns, lessee of the Bridgehouse colliery, to the surveyor asking permission to be allowed to run hutches over the level crossing on the road at Bridgehouse by means of an endless chain. A plan and section of the proposed crossing and report by the County Road surveyor was submitted. and a recommendation by him that the application should not be granted. The surveyor pointed out the great danger that would exist if permission was granted to run these hutches by an endless chain over the road. He recommended, however, that the hutches might be run by an endless chain if carried under the road. Perrnission was given to Mr Burns at a previous meeting to work the traffic over this line by means of horses. Mr Burns attended the meeting in support of his application. He thought they would remember when he was present at a previous meeting, that he had said this was in the form of a temporary arrangement with the view to see if the minerals were worth developing, and if a branch line would be put in. He thought ultimately that application would be made to the N.B. Railway for a branch line, but at present the development was not sufficient to warrant the construction of a branch line. Mr Burns proceeded to explain to the meeting the working of the bogie system, maintaining that it was perfectly safe. If the committee desired it he would be quite willing to put on a man at the level crossing. Mr Hope said that as they had now heard Mr Burns' statement he should now withdraw. Mr Burns having left the meeting the committee talked a little over the matter, and agreed to adhere to their former resolution.

    Lanarkshire Upper Ward Examiner, 12th April 1890


    BATHGATE DISTRICT COMMITTEE A report as to Bridgehouse Rows crossings stated that Mr Burns is building a number of workmen’s houses on the west side of Bridgecastle Branch Road that drains at these houses were insufficient Further that Mr Burns had not put on the gates or completed the crossings at Muckraw and Bridgehouse in terms of his agreement The Clerk reported that on receipt of this report he had written to Mr Burns stating that unless the gates were put up at once, and the other matters complained of rectified, the traffic at the crossing would be stopped and he produced and read a letter from Mr Burns of date 19th Dec, stating that work would be dlone at once The Surveyor reported verbally that although the gates had been put up the level crossings were not yet put into a proper state in terms of Mr Burns’ agreement. The Committee instructed the Clerk to intimate to Mr Burns that unless the crossings are put into proper repair to the satisfaction of the Road Surveyor by 27th inst, the same will be lifted without further notice

    West Lothian Courier, 24th January 1891


    An application by Mr. Burns, Bridgehouse Colliery to work across traffic across the Westfield Road and down to Westfield Station by means of an endless rope was refused.

    The Scotsman, 13th July 1891


    FOR SALE, GOING COLLIERY OF BRIDGEHOUSE, Between Bathgate and Slamannan. Subscribers are prepared to treat Privately with suitable parties for a SALE of this COLLIERY. JOHNSTON & RANKIN, C.E., 5 West Regent Street. Glasgow; or DOWNIE & AITON Writers, 115 St Vincent Street, Glasgow

    Glasgow Herald, 28th June 1892


    Sale of Colliery plant and workman's houses at Bridgehouse Colliery, Linlithgowshire on Thursday 4th of May at 11 oclock. Shirlaw Allan & Co have received instructions from Messrs The Lanrigg Coal Company to sell as above. Particulars afterwards 7th April 1893.

    Glasgow Herald, 8th April 1893



    The Plant comprises Winding, Haulage and Pumping Engines, Boilers and Mountings, Pit Pump Pipes and Connections, Pithead Frame and Pulleys, Pan Mill, Railway Waggon, Cart and Hutch Weighing Machines, Pit Plates, Railway and Bridge Rails, New Smithy Iron, Smithy and Joiners Tools &c. &c. There will also be exposed 24 Workmen's Dwelling Houses likewise the Buildings of Office, Smithy, Engine House, Boiler Seats & c.

    SHIRLAW, ALLAN & CO. beg to intimated instructions from LANRIGG COAL Co. to SELL by AUCTION as Above. Trains Bathgate to Glasgow (Queen Street Low Level) at 9.25; Edinburgh (Waverley) at 9.30. Catalogues from the Auctioneers HAMILTON, 18th April 1893

    Glasgow Herald, 19th April 1893