Scottish shale Scottish shale

Barbauchlaw No.13 pit

Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
pre 1866
post 1883

Location still to be ascertained, in the lands of Barbauchlaw

Mineral Statistics for 1883 records Barbauchlaw No.13 pit , owned by James Wood, manager Arch. Robertson, working the Main and Ball Coals by the longwall method, with no separate staff (presumably No.13 served as the downcast shaft to No.12). The downcast shaft was 12' x 5.5' and 240 ft deep. It was a non-fiery mine.


Mary M'Lauchlan or M'lver and Mary Skelton, both out-door workers, Armadale, were brought before Sheriff Home, charged with theft of 200 lbs. of gas coal from a bing at No. 13 Pit, Barbauchlaw, parish of Bathgate, on the previous day. Both of the panels pled guilty, and were awarded days' imprisonment each.

Falkirk Herald, 13th November 1869