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Muckraw mine

Alternative names:
Craigrigg No.1 mine, Bridgehouse mine.
Torphichen, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Current status of site:
Mine site cleared, although bing and route of haulage survive.

A mine, probably opened in about 1920, associated with Eastrigg (Craigrigg) No.1. Closed in 1927, reopened in 1929, and perhaps closed again in 1931 with the liquidation of Drumpellier and Craigrigg Coal Co. Subsequently reopened and operated by A. Allan & Sons until closure in 1947.

Muckraw mine in recorded in the 1948 "list of mines" as, operated by A. Allan & Sons, Allandale, Newhouse, employing 4 on the surface and 13 underground, under manager J. McClurg, working the Armadale Main coal. Abandoned 8/8/47.

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    ACCIDENTS.—WhiIe working in Muckraw Mine No. 1 Pit, Craigrigg Collieries, on Friday, Mr Crawford Allington's hand was caught in the coal cutting machine. He was removed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary when it was necessary to amputate it

    West Lothian Courier, 9th April 1926



    This week the Craigrigg and Drumpellier Collieries, Ltd., re-opened Muckraw Mine situated at Bridgehouse. It was closed down about two years ago. The number of men started was round 30, but as places are got ready the number will be further increased. So far the men being started reside Bridgehouse, Westfield, or Torphichen, the management giving preference to the former workers in these localities.

    West Lothian Courier, 27th September 1929