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Eastrigg (Craigrigg) No.1 pit

Alternative names:
Eastrigg No.1 pit, Craigrigg No.1 pit
Torphichen, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian

A pit in the lands of Bridgecastle, sunk by the Eastrigg Coal Co. c.1895 and served by the company's mineral railway which was subsequently extended to serve Eastrigg No2, and Eastrigg No.3 pits.

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    A letter was produced and read from the Eastrigg Coal Company asking permission to form a level crossing on the public road at the entrance Bridgehouse farm. Along with the application was a letter from the road surveyor stating that he had no objection to the proposed crossing. The Chairman said the Eastrigg Coal Company had taken some minerals Bridgehouse, and had agreed with Mr Stuart to bring their railway across his land. A properly-regulated crossing would not interfere with the traffic. The difficulty they had before was that the parties would not regulate the traffic. Of course, the granting of the permission would be subject to the plan of the crossing being approved, and to a compliance with certain conditions with regard to the working of the gates. Kirk—There is no chance of any shunting at that particular part of the line? The Chairman—No shunting will be done at that part. Mr Wood—ls there any particular system of gates that should be adopted more than another ? The Road Surveyor—There is only the kind to open with the hand and those open with the lever. The committee agreed to grant permission on the usual terms as to working and regulating the crossing, and the clerk was instructed prepare minute of agreement to be signed by the company, the plans of the crossing and gates to be approved of by the District Committee and the surveyor.

    Linlithgowshire Gazette, 9th June 1895


    RAILWAY CONTRACTORS WANTED by the EASTRIGG COAL CO.. Westfield. to CONSTRUCT SIDING to NEW COLLIERY, Bridgehouse. Offerers will be shown the ground from 10 till 2 on Thursday first.

    Falkirk Herald, 10th August 1895


    Opening of New Railway and Colliery near Westfield.

    On Saturday last the Eastrigg Coal Company formally opened their new railway siding into their new colliery on the land of Bridgehouse, near Westfield. The railway branch, which about a mile in length, extends for the first half from the main line, through the lands of J. W. Stuart of Brighouse, and thence into the lands of Mr Clark, of Marchmont Street, Edinburgh, the proprietor of the lands and minerals of Bridgehouse, where the new pit is situated. Among those present at the ceremony were Mrs Clark, Miss Clark, and Mr A. G. Clark, Edinburgh; Mr J. W. Stuart of Brighouse and Mrs Stuart; Mr W. H. Henderson of Nether Parkley, Mrs Henderson; Miss Bell of Clifton Hall; Mr James Wilson, solicitor, Falkirk: Mr Priestly. Edinburgh; Mr and Miss Simpson, Falkirk. Mr Robert Margie, W.S., Edinburgh, wrote expressing his congratulations, and Captain Hope of Bridgecastle telegraphed from London, conveying his congratulations and regretting his inability to be present. The party were shown over the colliery and railway by Messrs Simpson and Colquhoun. The new line was then formally opened by Miss Clark, who drove a train of loaded waggons from the pit to the main line. The company were afterwards entertained to cake and wine, and Mr W. H. Henderson proposed the toast of "Success to the Eastrigg Coal Company," which was responded to by Mr Simpson.

    Falkirk Herald, 2nd May 1896