Scottish shale Scottish shale

Woodmuir No.4 pit

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian
Current status of site:
Rough ground within forest

A pit in the lands of Woodmuir to the Balbardie coal at 23 fathoms, China Coal at 28 fathoms and Bathgate Main Coal at 60 fathoms. The last pit in the lands of Woodmuir was opened some time after 1885 and closed prior to 1897. The Woodmuir Coal Co's private railway was extended from their No.1 pit to serve the colliery.

  • Location of pit, and boundary of the lands of Woodmuir


    SALE OF COLLIERY PLANT at No.4 pit WOODMUIR COLLIERY, near to Breich Station C.R., on TUESDAY, 6th July, 1897, at 1 30. SHIRLAW ALLAN & CO.. have received instructions to Sell, by Auction, as follows. - 12" Locomotive. by Barclay, Kilmarnock; 4 Pumping and Winding Engines 22”, 18” and 10” cylinders with gearing; 4 Lancashire (Double-Flued) Cornish, and E.E. Steam Boilers and Mountings; Pithead Frame and Pulleys; Feed, Dook, and Plunger Pumps: 64 Fathoms 12” and 30 fathoms 5” Pit Pipes and Connections: Dross Grinding Rollers and Elevalor, Double Power Crane, Hutch Weighing Machine, about on 60 Tons Pit and T.B. Rails, Old Brass, about 30 Tons M and CI, Scrap, 3 Old Railway Trucks, Chain Wire Ropes, Smithy Tools, P.P. Logs, Building Material of Engine and Boiler Seats, Chimney Stalk, Engine House &c., &c. For Trains, see C R. Co.'s Time Tables, Catalogues fron Auctioneers, Hamilton 15th July 1897

    Hamilton Herald and Lanarkshire Weekly News, 2nd July 1897