Scottish shale Scottish shale

Longford pit

West Calder, Midlothian
Local authority:
West Lothian

Valuation rolls records Thomas Stark as Tenant of the Longford Coal in 1855. The minerals seem not to have been let in 1865, but in 1874, both John Hunter, and " Ronald and Ronald Henry Johnstone and David Rankine" held leases to the Longford minerals. In 1895 minerals were leased to the Loganlee Coal Co., and was presumably worked from either Loganlee or Woodmuir pits.


Andrew Clark, thirteen years of age, son of Thos. Clark, baker, West Calder, was killed on Monday morning near Longford Colliery. When near said colliery, and as coals were scarce, passed a neighbour’s cart at a quick rate to be at the hill first, but on taking sharp turn of the road, one of the wheels went over some rubbish, which the cart was overturned, and he received a severe blow from the edge of the cart, which caused death in twenty minutes after the occurrence.

The Scotsman, 25th April 1849


THE COAL, IRONSTONE, and FIRECLAY under the Farm of Longford and Parts of Risha of Baads Estate, near West Calder. There is a going Colliery at Longford. where several seams of Coal are known and the Colliery has long been worked and the Gas Coal of Wilsontown is understood to have been bored to. Ironstone may also be expectetd Offers for n Lease to be addressed to Thomas Todrick, Esq., Haddington: or to Messrs. John & G..Geddes. Mining Engineers, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh and Mr Milner, Little Harwood, West Calder, will point out the Farms. Ednburgh, 10th February 1865.

Glasgow Herald, 15th February 1865


AT LONGFORD COLLIERY, NEAR WEST CALDER. SALE OF ONE STEAM-ENGINE, BOILER, PITHEAD FRAME AND PULLEYS, RAILS, HUTCHES, PUMPS AND PUMP-RODS, CRANE, TIMBER, SMITHY TOOLS, WIRE AND HEMP ROPES, and COLLECTION of USEFUL COLLIERY PLANT. HUTCHISON & DIXON are instructed to SELL the above without reserve, on TUESDAY 28 TH SEPTEMBER; commencing at the Pit at One o'clock.Trains from Edinburgh to West Calder and Breich Stations (which are about Two Miles from the Colliery ) at 6.45 and 9 A.M. and 12 noon. Catalogues, now Ready, to be had upon application to the Auctioneers.

The Scotsman, 25th September 1869