Scottish shale Scottish shale

Southrigg No. 3 & 4 pits

Whitburn, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
c.1900 ?
Current status of site:
Bing landscaped as a community park
  • 1924 - employing 406 underground and 88 surface workers; manager, Wm Brown
  • 1938 - employing 320 underground and 75 surface workers; manager, Wm Hendry
  • 1944 - employing 8 surface workers; manager, John Watson

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  • Newspaper references
    • Some months ago United Collieries Ltd. closed down their Southrigg pits at Harthill. In this field the strata are very undulating leading to a multiplicity of pumps - one pit has now fewer than 30. On account of the long undulating roads it was decided to stop Southrigg and sink another pit to the westward.

      Coatbridge Express 9th August 1939


      Mr Arthur C. Strathie, chairman United Collieries Ltd, at the annual general meeting of the company held in Glasgow, said that they hoped to be drawing coal within two or three months at a new mie being opened up in the Harthill area. This will help to nulify the hardships to the miners following the closing of Southrigg colliery last year.

      Midlothian Advertiser 5th April 1940