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Torbanehill No.8 pit

Bathgate, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Current status of site:
Site subject to opencast working c.1992 - no surface traces survive.
Regional overview:
Mines in the Boghead coal

Pitin the lands of Torbanehill to the Boghead Coal, common coal and ironstone, about 11 fathoms (20m.) deep, within the lands of the Torbanehill estate. Served by the Torbane branch of the Monkland Railway.

According to the OS Name Book OS1/34/9/42 c.1854:

This pit is but recently opened, but is in full operation and is less than a quarter of a mile east of Torbanehill House. The average thickness of the seam is about 18 inches from which is produced excellent Parrot Coal & a very good quality of rough coal. It is only 12 fathoms in depth and is worked by an engine 15 horse power - It is worked by the Company - It Contains both Coal and Ironstone.

Drum No.1 & 2 fireclay pit was later sunk close to this location.

  • Location of pit and boundaries of the lands of Torbanehill


    Pit Accident.—An accident occurred on Friday last in No. 8 pit, Torbanehill, by which a miner, named Andrew Beattie, was severely injured about the head and chest. His eyesight has also been very seriously impaired. It would appear that the unfortunate man was what is termed stemming his shot on a block of Boghead coal, when the charge exploded, inflicting the injuries above stated.

    Falkirk Herald, 17th May 1860