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Ochiltree Colliery - north

Linlithgow, Linlithgowshire
Local authority:
West Lothian
Seams worked:
Houston Coal
Current status of site:
Substantial remains of foundations of mine buildings, surrounded by agricultural land


Inclined shaft to the Houston coal

Served Champfleurie Oil Works

In about 1885, shortly after opening of the Champfleurie Oil Works, the Linlithgow Oil Company, sunk a coal pit (termed here Ochiltree colliery, south) about three-quarters of a mile south of their works, to provide fuel for boilers and retorts. Transport problems led to closure in about 1888.

In about 1900, the company agreed to invest £5,332 in the sinking and fitting out of the new mine which linked to the workings of the old pit.. This included the construction of a substantially engineered incline following a straight route direct to the works.. Difficulties were experienced in sinking of the mine, which may have contributed to the failure of the company in 1902 and the abandonment of all operations.

Mapped by the Ordnance Survey of c.1916, showing the northern colliery site.

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    • The new coal mine which was recently opened up by the Linlithgow Oil Company, on the Ochiltree estate of Lord Rosebery, and which had been stopped temporarily, has this week resumed operations. In the sinking and fitting out of the mine, as sum of £5,332 had been expended.

      Falkirk Herald, 15th June 1901


      Quite recently a coal mine was opened up on the Ochiltree side, which belong to Lord Rosebery, and it was thought that by this means a saving would be effected in the providing of fuel for the works. The mine, however, on which a considerable sum of money had been expended, was not a success.

      Edinburgh Evening News, 5th February 1902